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Do you want to be a Private Pilot or a Recreational One?

Become a Pilot and experience what the world of Flying has to offer… Your very first Pilot’s License has to be either a Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) or Private Pilot’s License (PPL) . The latter can be upgraded (with experience and additional training) to a Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) and then, with more experience and even more training, to an Airline Transport Pilot’s License (FAST TRACK and find out about the Integrated Airline Transport Pilot’s Program we offer). In Canada, there are 3 types of Pilot’s Licenses and 1 type or Permit (RPP) that you can hold. Here is what you need to get your Private Pilot’s Licence:
How to become a private pilot Moving Forward PPL Written Exam
Pilot Career Path    

Here are some Differences:

Recreational Permit Requirements (RPP) Private License Requirements (PPL)
  • 25 flying hours minimum.
  • 35 flying hours average to complete No ground school is required.
  • (You must still pass a written exam, most students take the PPL ground school
  • 45 flying hours minimum
  • 55 flying hours average to complete
  • 40 hours ground school
Class 4 medical: Medical declaration with any family doctor Class 3 medical: Aviation medical doctor.
Recreational Privileges:
  • One passenger
  • Airplane with 4 seats or less
  • In Canada only
  • Day, in good weather only
  • No ratings or endorsements to upgrade except float rating.
Easy upgrade to Private License
Private Privileges:
  • No passenger limit
  • No airplane limit
  • World wide
  • Day, in good weather only
Ratings and endorsements may be added to fly at night, multi engine, or instrument weather conditions.
Who should get a Recreational?
  • Fly for fun
  • To fly a home-built, or ultra light
  • Want to get a start in aviation for less cost and then upgrade later.
Who should get a Private?
  • Fly for fun
  • Use aviation for business
  • Use aviation for traveling
  • To fly advanced airplanes
  • To fly to the United states
  • As a first step in an aviation career.
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