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  • "Learning to fly is one of life's most rewarding adventures."
  • "The desire to reach for the sky runs deep in our human psyche."
  • Our Advanced - Mechtronix Flight Simulator - Click Here
  • CYOW - "There's nothing like an airport for bringing you safely down to earth."
  • "I care not what may be the condition of the earth; it is the sky that is for me now."
  • Our Advanced - Mechtronix Flight Simulator - Click Here
  • CYND - "The desire to reach for the sky runs deep in our human psyche."
  • "Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

Become a Private Pilot

Lear To FlyI want to learn to fly, take my family and friends around flying and have fun! (VFR). Aspiring hobby pilots, you can choose the type of program and the training pace that suits you. The private pilot rating program will also allow you to add different ratings and certificates.


Become a Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot Program I love to fly, I want to do what I love, and make a career out of it! Aspiring career pilots, our airline and flight school partnerships ensure that when you meet training benchmarks, you have job interviews with airlines and/or flight schools to launch your professional pilot career; our financial assistance package helps you to find the funds you need to finance your aviation training.


Ottawa Aviation Services

Located at the Ottawa International Airport (CYOW), Ottawa Aviation Services is a professional flight training and maintenance operation. We pride ourselves in designing customized, pay-as-you-go flight training programs that accommodate your pace. Whether you aspire to be a recreational pilot to simply learn to fly, or an Airline Transport Pilot looking for a career in Aviation, we offer the most professional services available.

  • North of CYKZ
  • 787-8
  • A380
  • A330
  • YYZ 24L inbound
  • A319
  • A319
  • 777-300
  • A320 over YYZ
  • 777-300HD YYZ
  • 777-300HD
  • e190
  • Downwind 32, cyow practise area off the wingtip
  • A320 cyow 32
  • A320
  • 747-400 what a beautiful plane :)
  • #777
  • 787

WestJet announces entry into wide-body service:  *Calgary based airline is in advanced stages of so... bit.ly/VZeP8I #OAS #CYOW

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Boeing Delivers 1,500th 747: *Milestone airplane a testament to capabilities of new 747-8EVERETT, W... bit.ly/1rNY2PQ #OAS #CYOW

WestJet Encore soars eastward: **Service launches from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay and TorontoCALGARY, ... bit.ly/1iR1Dwo #OAS #CYOW

Etihad Agrees to Terms to take a 49 Percent Quity in Alitalia: Etihad Airways said on Wednesday it ... bit.ly/1jnGLYL #OAS #CYOW

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