Commercial Pilot Program

Commercial Pilot Path Selection

Are you looking for a career in aviation?  The Integrated ATPL program (iATPL) is our most structured course which spans between 18-20 months. Upon completion of the course you will obtain a “frozen” ATPL with 250 hours of flight and 760 hours of ground school. The ATPL or Airline Transport Pilot License allows a pilot to be captain or co-pilot on a two crew aircraft over 12,500lbs once you have obtained 1500 hours of flight and written the ATPL exam. A “frozen” ATPL is similar; however, it enables you to write the exam much sooner and we are the only school in Ottawa area to offer it. While building your hours you will obtain a Student Pilot Permit, Private Pilot License, Night Rating, Commercial License, Multi-Engine Rating and a Group 1 Instrument Rating. As an added incentive, pilots who continually meet our benchmarks throughout the program will be given the opportunity to have an interview with Air Georgian! Aviation Podcasts : Airline Pilot Guy Airplane Geeks
Pilot Career Path

Here are some Differences:

Availability Always Frequent Very few Canadian flight schools authorized to offer
Tailored to airline needs No structure and basic in content Loosely structured and generic in content Structured to airline on time performance and content custom designed for airlines
Time to complete program No time limit Varies 18 months to job interview
Job path Unprepared for airline job market You find your own job opportunities OAS guarantees you a job interview with airline on successful graduation
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